Getting a handle on diabetes…

I’m learning to monitor my blood sugar more, and learning about what i can and cannot eat.  It’s hard to change 50 years of eating habits.  it really is…even when your life depends on it.

I checked my blood sugar at 7 am, before I left for work.  i had 2 cups of tea with stevia, and 2 bowls of unsweetened cheerios.  My blood sugar was 323!  Yikes.  Around 1045 this morning, while at work, my sugar dropped all the way down to 76.  having your blood sugar slip low is not a good feeling.  I start shaking and sweating…i couldn’t focus at all.  Luckily my lunch break was at 11.  I took a bottle of water, a protein bar and a bag of peanuts to the breakroom and ate them.  by 1130, my blood sugar was way back up at 165.  not the ideal lunch by any means, but i didn’t think I should be behind the wheel of a car while I was feeling the way i was.

i really need to get this under control.  I really need to.

Forgive my neglectfulness…

Granted, i think I may have only one or two followers of this blog, but still, I feel bad that I have not written in sometime.

Life is, for lack of a better excuse, busy as all get out.  I never seem to have enough time in my day to finish everything on my to do list.  I am a little unorganized, okay, a lot, and I really need to get a grip on it.

I did get a wonderful visit with my niece and her husband and 2 1/2 year old son yesterday.  It was just what I needed.  I haven’t seen them in a while, and my kids had not seen them in a few years.

My pile of books to be read is growing quickly.  Will I ever catch up, I doubt it.  But the day I run out of books to read will be a truly sad day indeed.  Every time I am out and about I find more that interest me.  I take a photo of them and add them to my wish list at Amazon.  I don’t want to buy too many while I have so many piled up.  I will go to the library and borrow them when I can, or get them on my kindle.    And of course, people keep suggesting books for me to read too.  LOL.

Happy Fall…and I hope to get more organized AND write more often in here!




My son is in the process of moving home.  He moved to Florida at the end of July, and things have not worked out they way he hoped and he is coming home and moving back in with us.   I won’t go into all the details of what happened and what wrong wrong.  I get his frustration and reasoning why to move back. I do.  I’m trying to be as supportive as I can without showing my disappointment.  My disappointment is in the situation more than anything.  He took up a friend on a job opportunity…and in the end, he was completely misled, plus the friend has issues that made things far more difficult than anyone expected them to be.

Life doesn’t seem to be as easy for the younger generation.  Finding a decent job that pays well, when you haven’t gone to college is not easy.  And, supporting yourself on minimum wage is difficult.  Rent is outrageous…and i really don’t understand why rent is so high.  Who can afford to live in some of these places…when you pay  $800 or more for a small bedroom; kitchen; bathroom and living room/dining room.  Most of these places don’t even have any pay your utilities; you have to use a communal laundry room….and half the time the washers and dryers are not working properly.

My husband, has threatened to cut my son off of all support within a year. That upset me.  I told him his parents would not have done that to him, and mine wouldn’t have either, and to think that my son could be homeless and hungry is heartbreaking.  It hopefully will never come to that but since he is coming back to Illinois, which has a very high personal income tax; and is one of the worst states to live in; there are some factors that will make things tougher.  But he will have a roof over his head.  We live in a small town and there are a not a lot of jobs to be had, which means commuting to one of the cities…each over 30 minutes away.  Wages get turned quickly into gas, and the paycheck dwindles.

I got into a travelling bullet journal group recently. It is fun, and I am learning how others journal.  We each get a journal for about 10 days, write in it as our own, then send it off to the next person.  Eventually, our original journal makes its way back to us, all filled in…we are mailing out today, so I need to finish up my work in this one and package it up to send off, then anxiously await the mailman to bring the next one to me.  I don’t have a separate bullet journal instagram account as many others do, but I have taken a few photos of the ones I have received, and need to do that before I send this one off.

I need to organize all the photos I have taken and put them on the PC so when I am blogging I have immediate access to them, instead of having to go to the laptop or the storage device they are on to get them so I can share them.

Well..I work the next 5 days straight so I better start tackling my to do list…writing in this blog was one of the top things on my list.  I started this one in the hopes to make it more of a habit, and I have failed.  Perhaps when I finish the book I am reading, I will blog about that as well.


A little bit about me

I thought I would take a moment to talk about myself…not something I really like doing, but I thought perhaps it would be helpful to those who may stumble upon my blog to understand me.


I served in the United States Air Force for 13 years.  I loved almost every minute of it, however, it was difficult to be Active Duty, a mom, and a military spouse.  So I got out, while my husband continued to serve until he retired after 28 years in.  I love to read, although I do tend to go in spurts with my reading, and have a huge pile of books to read. I have my books and reading goals listed at Goodreads and swap books over at paperbackswap.   I am not very crafty, yet I pin a ton of stuff on pinterest that interests me.  I am an Avon Independent Sales Representative…as was my mother and grandmother.  I grew up on the products and love using them. I hate paying more than I should for daily needs items.  I fundraise every year with my Avon business for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  My daughter and I will be going for the 4th year this year.  My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and finding a cure for it is something I would love to see in my lifetime.  I got a really great camera a few years ago for Christmas so I have been trying to get out and take photos with it.  I’m not that great, but I have entered some of my photos in challenges at Twenty20.  I’m kind of everywhere on social media…facebook, twitter, instagram, yelp….you name it, I am probably there, although probably not that active in all of them.  I love social media.

I am the eldest of two girls.  My father worked for a major airline for over 40 years and my mother, while mostly being a housewife and mom, was a cosmetologist, although she didn’t work many of the years of our childhood, focusing on raising us.  My husband and I met while stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, in Tucson, Arizona in 1985.  We have been married 31 years, and have two children, a daughter and a son, who are both grown.  We also have two German Shepherd Dogs who I take a lot of photos of.

In a nutshell…that’s me!