The worst experience of our camping trip….

I honestly have to say that I was very surprised at how well our trip went, especially with the dogs since we never really take them a lot of places. But, there was one bad experience that left us feeling rather disappointed…not with our dogs, but with other people.

We took a day trip up to Tahquamenon Falls and State Park in Paradise, MI. It’s a really nice place to walk around and the dogs were being very well behaved and loved all the attention. They seemed to like everyone, including all the other dogs that were visiting that day.

As we were walking the path to the Lower Falls, we passed a couple who had 3 beautiful Huskies with them. We commented to them how gorgeous they were (2 were black, and one was red) and one of the black ones, and our girl Schatzie sniffed noses, as dogs tend to do. A very friendly greeting. Our two were leashed and also had Pug Harnesses on. Two of their three were leashed. All of a sudden, their red Husky let out a horrendous scream and attacked Schatzie, getting her nose in it’s mouth and holding on tight. The gentleman had the dog by it’s chain collar, and struggled pulling it off. After the dogs were separated, they walked on, still struggling to keep their dog in control, and did not even utter an apology our way, or ask if our girl was ok. While Schatzie was slightly shaken up, and on edge the rest of the day, she walked on with us to the lower falls, while other tourists would continue to stop us and tell us how well behaved they were. Some who had seen the attack, asked if they were okay, and commented that the Huskies had issues earlier with other visitors.

Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

We finished our day off uneventfully, and took a lot of great pictures. Schatzie did have a small cut near her eye and her nose, and did walk back to the car with the scent of the other dogs keeping her nose to the ground and walking with purpose.

I am thankful she was not hurt more than she was, especially since the Husky owners were not in the least phased by their dogs behavior, nor interested in making sure our dog was okay.

It was a great outting despite this incident and I am very glad our unplanned outing was such a good day for us.

Maiden Voyage

We left Wednesday for a short excursion just 2 hours or so north of us. It was our shakedown trip in our 5th wheel, and the first trip of its kind for our dogs.

We packed everything we thought we needed and more than enough food and hooked up. We got the dogs tethered into the back seat of the truck and off we went. The trip went well, despite our female shepherd crying the whole trip. We stayed at Galesburg East Campground in Knoxville, IL. The park is very nice. All the spaces are pull through with plenty of space to open up our slides. They do not allow outdoor rugs bigger than 2×3 to keep the grass from dying. Each spot has a nice sized grassy area with picnic table. There is a pond where you can fish (catch and release only) and a nature trail. There is also a pool, for park guests only. Unfortunately it was so incredibly hot the past few days (over 105 with heat index) that we couldn’t really do too much, plus the dogs really didn’t like it when one of us was out of their site. Mind you we did take a nice long walk every morning while it was still cooler out. Outside of potty breaks for the dogs, they pretty much slept the whole trip!

On a whole this trip went well. Our air conditioners worked great (thank goodness) and we didn’t have any problems with any of the camper items that we used. The washer and dryer we added in worked (although the floor of the half bath was covered with water, and we are not sure if it was the washer, or the dogs water dish being knocked over) and we do need to put something on the entrance stairs so the dogs can grip it better when they go in and out. but otherwise we are very satisfied with the way things went down. We already have some things the dealer needs to fix (little minor things) so we don’t have a lot to add to the list.

I managed to get two pen pal letters written and finish the book “Every Breath” by Nicholas Sparks that I had started a few weeks ago. Otherwise I think I snoozed a bunch as well. The heat really did me in.

I will no longer be working as of August 11th, so we will be planning another short trip sometime that month. Maybe we can find something on a lake that’s not too far away. Then a trip to Michigan in September which will then turn into a trip to Mackinac Island then over to Minnesota to see my sister. After that, who knows. We do head to Florida for the winter after Christmas.

I do need to figure out how I want to organize my kitchen, and develop some sort of ‘traffic plan’ when it comes to cooking meals. I love the double sink in the island, but since its the biggest counter space I have to prep on, need to figure out the best way to make everything flow!

How was your week? Any RV organization tips for this newbie?