Hello strangers…

It’s Sunday evening, July 5th, and I am sitting here at the dinette in our fifth wheel, outside of Alamogordo, New Mexico. We lived here for 15 years, from 1990 to 2005, before moving to South Carolina. We were stationed here at Holloman AFB. Our youngest child, was born here. It’s been 15 years (this October) since we left and it is surprising to see how much has changed, yet how much has stayed the same in this time.

Of course, one of the first things we had to do was take a drive to our old house, and then see if we could find the houses of friends we hung with all the time when we were here. Our friends had kids the same age as ours, and on weekends, they were all at our place, or we were all at theirs. We played cards, had parties and generally just hung out. These were some of the best years of our lives, and I have never been able to have a friendship like that since. Of course, since we left the military, we have found that we don’t relate to a lot of people who never served. I’ve never really been able to figure out why.

I have gotten quite a bit of reading done this year…almost halfway to my 50 book goal! Yay. I haven’t read as much the past few days as I would have liked to, but there is still a few days left of this trip. The heat here, albeit a dry heat, has me ready to nap if we’ve spent the morning outside. Today we drove up to Cloudcroft, where the temperatures were 20 degrees cooler, and the views spectacular. Tomorrow, we are taking the dogs out to White Sands National Park (used to be White Sands National Monument) which was one of our favorite places to take the kids, and visitors, to go spend a little time enjoying one of this countries most beautiful sites. I am sure after being in the 100 degree heat, I will be ready for a nap and some cold ice tea.

In the meantime, I am still working my Avon business, even when I am away from home. I love that I can do that. I had been neglecting my Avon blog, but made a couple of posts on it today; advertising a sweepstakes and some beloved products. You can check it out here.

Until next time…stay cool, be well, and enjoy the rest of your summer!


A little self-promotion

I sell Avon. It’s my side-hustle. And one of the things I LOVE about it, is I can support others with my business. Every year, I donate a portion of my sales to the Alzheimers Association and other causes. This year, Avon has enabled us to take our 4th quarter stuffed animal, and add him to our online fundraising efforts! I am very excited about this.

Meet Finley the Fox.


Finley is available ONLY as a fundraiser. He is $25 and for each one sold, I will donate $10 to the Alzheimers Association. I can host an online fundraiser for you or someone else as well. Finley is only available for a short time though, and every year, our stuffed animals sell out fast.

They make a great gift…they are so soft and cuddly. 13″ tall. All you have to do is follow the link, http://www.avon.com/fundraiser/michelesalzheimers and when you clink, Shop this Fundraiser, you will be taken right to Finley’s page. You can choose to checkout, or shop the rest of my online store. $10 of the price of Finley goes to Alzheimers Association, but I am also donating 20% of the total of ALL sales through that special link to them as well.

I appreciate your support!

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A little bit about me

I thought I would take a moment to talk about myself…not something I really like doing, but I thought perhaps it would be helpful to those who may stumble upon my blog to understand me.


I served in the United States Air Force for 13 years.  I loved almost every minute of it, however, it was difficult to be Active Duty, a mom, and a military spouse.  So I got out, while my husband continued to serve until he retired after 28 years in.  I love to read, although I do tend to go in spurts with my reading, and have a huge pile of books to read. I have my books and reading goals listed at Goodreads and swap books over at paperbackswap.   I am not very crafty, yet I pin a ton of stuff on pinterest that interests me.  I am an Avon Independent Sales Representative…as was my mother and grandmother.  I grew up on the products and love using them. I hate paying more than I should for daily needs items.  I fundraise every year with my Avon business for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  My daughter and I will be going for the 4th year this year.  My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and finding a cure for it is something I would love to see in my lifetime.  I got a really great camera a few years ago for Christmas so I have been trying to get out and take photos with it.  I’m not that great, but I have entered some of my photos in challenges at Twenty20.  I’m kind of everywhere on social media…facebook, twitter, instagram, yelp….you name it, I am probably there, although probably not that active in all of them.  I love social media.

I am the eldest of two girls.  My father worked for a major airline for over 40 years and my mother, while mostly being a housewife and mom, was a cosmetologist, although she didn’t work many of the years of our childhood, focusing on raising us.  My husband and I met while stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, in Tucson, Arizona in 1985.  We have been married 31 years, and have two children, a daughter and a son, who are both grown.  We also have two German Shepherd Dogs who I take a lot of photos of.

In a nutshell…that’s me!