InCoWriMo update

Well the challenge is over and while I did not get a note written every day, I didn’t fail completely. I did receive 4 letters which I think is pretty good. Even though the event is over, I do plan to write all 4 back. Will I do it again next year? I do think I will, but I hope to be better prepared/organized than I was this year. One card I received was a postcard with the return address typed on a label, my address typed on a label and a label filled with text on the main portion … Continue reading InCoWriMo update

Like a flash…the Olympics are over

The winter Olympics have come and gone and this year, unlike others, I didn’t watch much of it at all. Partially I think, it’s because when I was a kid, we didn’t have all these tv channels so your weekends were filled with sports…especially leading up to the Olympics. My mom and I would watch figure skating and skiing whenever it was on and by the time the Olympics came on we knew who everyone was and we had our favorites to root for. Same thing for the summer sports. I really had no clue who anyone was, outside of … Continue reading Like a flash…the Olympics are over

A letter a day…

Here we are, a few days before the start of InCoWriMo and I am ready to start making a list of people I want to write to during the month of February.  I am excited, and pretty much ready to go, outside of getting some international stamps. I have decided to pick people off the list from places I have never been and from any gender, because I love to learn about cultures and people. I have read, from people in a community I am in, on Facebook, that the goal is to receive a letter every day in February…for … Continue reading A letter a day…

International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo)

I just signed up for the first time for InCoWriMo, in which, during the month of February, you send a handwritten letter, card or note to someone every day. I’ve never done anything like this before, and I hope I have not bitten off more than I can chew, but as one of the things I started last year, was writing more letters, I thought, hey, this could be fun. Have you ever joined in something like this?  How was your experience?  I have this small fear that my letters will seem boring and lackluster.  But, I signed up..and I … Continue reading International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo)


My son is in the process of moving home.  He moved to Florida at the end of July, and things have not worked out they way he hoped and he is coming home and moving back in with us.   I won’t go into all the details of what happened and what wrong wrong.  I get his frustration and reasoning why to move back. I do.  I’m trying to be as supportive as I can without showing my disappointment.  My disappointment is in the situation more than anything.  He took up a friend on a job opportunity…and in the end, … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-change

Keeping goals…staying focused…

I feel terrible when I log into my goodreads account and see that I am 15 books behind on my reading goal for the year.  How the heck did that happen?  I really thought I was doing better.  I know there is still plenty of time to redeem myself, but man, it’s discouraging to see that.  It’s not that I am not reading, it’s just that I am not reading as much per week as I need to be or used to. But…I am currently reading the book, “Jonathan Unleashed” by Meg Rosoff which I got from my new Read … Continue reading Keeping goals…staying focused…

Someday, maybe, one day…I will….

Picking a title for my blog entries is something I struggle with. Okay, I admit it, being consistent with my blog is something I struggle with as well.  But I am trying.  I am working on making a list of things I want to blog about so that I can be ready when I sit down here at the computer.  Perhaps by the time I finish this post, I will have a title..maybe. So, I started writing letters…getting penpals and it is so much fun.  I am not crafty and some of them send me these well decorated envelopes or … Continue reading Someday, maybe, one day…I will….

I am a diabetic

Why is that my subject?  Because I need to own it. I need to come to terms with this diagnosis so I can better handle it. I’ve known for a while, but my recent lab work showed that I wasn’t doing enough, so now, it’s a reality check.  So by putting this here, is a step towards getting it all under control. I need to be more consistent with my exercise.  No excuses.  I need to set up a plan, even if its just starting with 3 days a week.  I need to drink more water (I have already started … Continue reading I am a diabetic