Home again….

It’s good to be home, and wow, am I exhausted! What? yeah, 3 weeks on the road in our 5th wheel and I napped yesterday afternoon in my lazy boy once we unloaded at home. Today we cleaned up the camper and have just been relaxing at home.

I need to write up some of our further adventures and rave on some of the places we camped at, and rant about a little incident that happened with our dogs. But, that will come, over time.

I am also planning to try to spend some time focusing on my Avon business. With us now being retired and doing more travelling I would love to get more online customers. I promote the heck out of it wherever I can but haven’t had much luck getting new customers. I used to have an Avon blog, for a couple of years, but I found it was a lot of work to keep up on top of everything else I have going on.

I did make some progress on my reading goals, although to be honest, I read 2 short stories in a day, but that counts as I have no requirements on my goal as to how big the book has to be. I am still way off my goal though.

Until next time….I hope to have something more subsantial.

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