Home again….

It’s good to be home, and wow, am I exhausted! What? yeah, 3 weeks on the road in our 5th wheel and I napped yesterday afternoon in my lazy boy once we unloaded at home. Today we cleaned up the camper and have just been relaxing at home.

I need to write up some of our further adventures and rave on some of the places we camped at, and rant about a little incident that happened with our dogs. But, that will come, over time.

I am also planning to try to spend some time focusing on my Avon business. With us now being retired and doing more travelling I would love to get more online customers. I promote the heck out of it wherever I can but haven’t had much luck getting new customers. I used to have an Avon blog, for a couple of years, but I found it was a lot of work to keep up on top of everything else I have going on.

I did make some progress on my reading goals, although to be honest, I read 2 short stories in a day, but that counts as I have no requirements on my goal as to how big the book has to be. I am still way off my goal though.

Until next time….I hope to have something more subsantial.

St. Ignace, Michigan

As I write this, the sun is shining, and there is a very strong breeze outside. This is our last full day in St Ignace, Michigan, and we have stayed inside for most of it. All of the walking we did the past few days has my husbands knees (which are bad) really hurting and since we have to drive 3.5 hours tomorrow we thought a day of rest would be best. Of course, my chronic illness flared up today, so it seems we made the right decision.

Yesterday we took a ride with the dogs, down one of the lake side roads, then to Bridge View Park where we had an excellent view of the Mighty Mac. Drove then through the cute little town of St Ignace and then back to our campsite. It was a lot less walking than we did the previous two days.

The Mighty Mac as seen at Bridge View Park, St. Ignace, Michigan

I am hoping the wind settles tomorrow, as we have to go back over the bridge to get to our next destination which is Ludington, Michigan. We will be there 3 nights.

We really have no agenda, other than our campground reservations. I do need to make a small stop at a store of some kind as I realize that other than Clorox wipes and a broom, I really have NO cleaning supplies. #firsttimerfail . But at least I can sweep the floor and wipe down all the countertops and table, right? Once we get home, we have to take the rig in for some minor work, mostly warranty, so I can thoroughly clean it then if I don’t make it to a store.

And I have discovered that I really need some sort of meal plan. I got some ground beef out the other day for dinner and realized I had no idea what to make. So, I made sloppy joes. But we surely don’t want hamburgers and sloppy joes all the time. So, I need to plan better. The campground WiFi cuts out every couple of minutes, and cell phone reception up here is horrible, so getting online to look at recipes, posting photos, etc really takes a bit of time.

When I take pictures on trips, I use both my cell phone and my DSLR. I upload everything to my laptop each night, and upload to facebook. I am a very amateur photographer, and sometimes I surprise myself. Like with this photo, taken with my DSLR.

Butterfly, Bridge View Park, St. Ignace, Michigan

On to the next adventure. I hope you stick around to see what we do next!

The long and winding road…

We left home last week, and spent a few days with our trailer parked in my brother-in-law’s driveway in Michigan. He had 50 amp power and water for us, but we mostly just used the camper to sleep. The rest of the time we were visiting with family. We showered in their house and ate there as well, but this morning we headed north to Mackinac Island. The weather was gloomy and rainy. We did see a little sun, but not as much as I would have liked to. The sky was not too cloudy when we crossed the Mackinac Island Bridge, but I would have rather had seen sunshine because the views would have been far more spectacular.

I am not sure what the agenda is while we are here. Since we are travelling with two German Shepherd Dogs, we do have to take them into consideration. Well, that, and the weather, which is not looking favorable for at least the next 24 hours.

But, we made it. Longest trip in the rig so far. Have had a few minor glitches, and we are taking it in for warranty work when we get back, and are making a list of the things we need them to work on. Little things all of them, but still, all important.

Currently reading: “Reunion” by Hannah Pittard