The next chapter begins….

Tomorrow is August 9th, and not only is it my late mother’s birthday, but it is my last day of work. Ever. For now I am going to keep my Avon business, but as for an outside job with a reglar paycheck and timeclock…never again.

It feels weird to say that….and I am a ball of emotions right now. I am looking forward to the travelling we plan to do; focusing on my health and family and all the new adventures, but I am also scared.

I will get up tomorrow morning, and put a smile on my face, then hobble into the hardware store that I have worked at for the past 10 years, and be the best damn cashier I can be, one last time. And, at 4:00, I will take off that red vest and my nametag for the last time.

I might need to pack some tissues too.