Oh my aching neck. Help, I have way too much in my purse

Like many women, I carry a purse every day. Mine is never small. I could never do a small one, as I have too much stuff to put in it. Okay, to be completely honest, half the time I don’t use most of the stuff in it, but it’s there just in case I might need it.

I have my wallet, my diabetic meter and some sugar tablets; Avon brochures and my order book; pens; diabetic friendly snacks, a phone charger, some makeup and sometimes my tablet.

I know I don’t need it all there, but yet it’s there. I really need to downsize. What are your MUST HAVE items in your purse?

2 thoughts on “Oh my aching neck. Help, I have way too much in my purse

  1. I just had a similar conversation with my husband the other day. I have so much junk in there! A lipstick I NEVER wear (and it’s probably so old it’s toxic at this point). The weirdest thing I have (at the bottom, where they accumulate) are receipts from every store, restaurant, and other sundry place we’ve collected since January. With sunglasses, lens cleaner, wallet, checkbook, enough change for tolls to get around the entire country twice–it’s like lugging around a suitcase. I. need. to. downsize. LOL!

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