My husband unexpectedly retired in October. Basically, after getting his bonus in September, they eliminated his position. He disn’t handle it well, and was not in a very good mood for a few weeks. He has worked since he was 14, and now, at 59 1/2 feels a bit lost. But, he has now decided he is just going to retire, and try to golf more, fish more, and start renovating the house (which we have wanted to do for a few years now). So now renovation has begun, and since we are doing it ourselves, it is one room at a time. New paint. New trim. new flooring. In every room. When we bought this house 12 years ago every room was seafoom green. There is carpet (of some kind) in every room. The master bathroom has a gold colored toilet and tub (very 70s). It’s all going away. We are putting pergo flooring down and very room will be painted differently. Looks good so far.

To say that he was easy to live with would be a lie. Every day that I went to work I was thankful to get away from the grump Even my boss was willing to give me extra hours! Of course, much of that was also because his job was 100K a year. And now we don’t have that income. We are definitely having to really budget and cut back on expenses. We did put his severance pay in savings, and I transfer some over only when I absolutely need it to pay bills. Short term it’s working out, but long term, we need to get out from under all our debts so that we won’t have to worry.

We are still planning to make our annuual trek to Florida in April. His mood is much more pleasant now that he is at peace with the life changes. I am NOT used to having him home all the time.. My days off, I enjoyed having the house to myself. He goes grocery shopping with me now too, which I don’t mind sometimes, but othertimes, I would like to take my time and browse the aisles. He’s a “get whats on the list and get out” kinda guy.

Adjustments. There are a few. We will get there. It’s just going to take some time.

I will not be meeting my reading goal for the year. I fell way behind. Oh well. It definitely isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. My mountain of books to read, however, did grow substantially, so I need to get on that. 50 books never used to be that hard to get, but maybe in 2019 I will cut it back to 25. Tempting.

I am still bullet journaling, although I don;t even pick it up for days at a time. I guess I need to find something that works for me. Or maybe not do it at all. My schedule and appointments I keep on my google calendar. I do like having a way to track my books (other than goodreads), and my weight, IG followers etc, and I would like to incorporate my home business into it as well. Maybe i can find some groups here on LJ…..althugh I have a lot on FB that I am a member of.


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