Like a flash…the Olympics are over

The winter Olympics have come and gone and this year, unlike others, I didn’t watch much of it at all. Partially I think, it’s because when I was a kid, we didn’t have all these tv channels so your weekends were filled with sports…especially leading up to the Olympics. My mom and I would watch figure skating and skiing whenever it was on and by the time the Olympics came on we knew who everyone was and we had our favorites to root for. Same thing for the summer sports.

I really had no clue who anyone was, outside of Lindsay Vonn and a few others. Obviously we rooted for our nation’s team, but it just all seemed to be lacking something this year…although much of that might come from the 24/7 news coverage that gives you the results before you ever get to see it. It’s like knowing who won the Superbowl before the players ever step foot on the field.

Maybe it’s just me though.

One thought on “Like a flash…the Olympics are over

  1. I agree with you – I was excited to see the Winter Olympics start, and tried to watch some of the events – but once you’re an adult, real life tends to trample everything, doesn’t it.

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