A letter a day…

Here we are, a few days before the start of InCoWriMo and I am ready to start making a list of people I want to write to during the month of February.  I am excited, and pretty much ready to go, outside of getting some international stamps.

I have decided to pick people off the list from places I have never been and from any gender, because I love to learn about cultures and people.

I have read, from people in a community I am in, on Facebook, that the goal is to receive a letter every day in February…for me that doesn’t compute, because first of all, you cannot control when your mail arrives, but secondly, if the challenge is to start on February 1st, and last the whole month, writing a note/card/letter every day just makes so much more sense.  That’s the way I intend to do things, regardless of whether others are or not.

I can do this.  I know I can.  I just need to allow myself enough time every day to write one letter.  I used to write letters all the time, but I find myself too easily distracted by other things…mainly falling down the rabbit hole of the internet.

As I wrote this, I went through the official InCoWriMo list and picked out 12 names so far.  I will be writing people in Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Costa Rica, Poland, Greece, and the United States.  Since I know nothing about these 12 people, other than their names and locations, I’m planning to ask them questions about where they live.  I do hope they write back. I know there are no guarantees, but, one can only hope, right?  With these 12, I have room to write back to anyone who I receive a letter from , and I plan to hit the list again once more around the middle of the month to pick up a few more names.

Is it cheating if I start addressing envelopes now?  I  hope not.

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