Happy Birthmonth to me

Has war been declared on men and I missed the memo? Seriously…what is it with suddenly everyone is claiming sexual harrassment? I’m not saying any case is true or not…but it seems like suddenly it’s the thing to do….come out and make allegations (all are allegations to me until proven true).

I’m not looking for a debate…just making an observation. Yes, I am aware I have been MIA. I’ve been unable to get my thoughts lately into coherent words. Holding things inside, however, is not good either. So whether anyone wants to read my words or not, I need to get back into the habit of writing things down.

On another note…how the hell is it November already? Where has the year gone?  I heard a teaser on the news that said “Hearing Christmas music too early is bad for your mental health” but have yet to find anything on the internet about it.  Perhaps I have not looked in the right places.  Is it too soon to be listening?  Is too much bad for  you?  Curious mind here.

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